Say Good-Bye to broken code, broken logic, code issues, negative feedback, and performance issues in your development career

1. Unable to apply logic:

A common reason for this is unable to understand the requirement. Discuss & ask questions related to requirements. Think like end-user how you will simplify the business process for a given requirement. You should know what is requirement and what is the expected results of your code. Once clear with requirement then:

2. My code doesn’t work as expected

Repeat section 1- Is everything matching. Is everything good?

3. Demotivated

No, you don’t need to get demotivated due to any of these reasons including poor coding skills. Take it as a learning opportunity. Spent some additional time learning more, practice more.

4. Negative feedback from the manager:

I think I’m fortunate I never ever crossed a path where my manager gave me negative feedback for my coding skills, maybe my developed functionalities were too good as my thoughts are, maybe my code was as awesome I’m.

5. Should I continue this development career path?

It’s better if you find the answer by yourself. Why did you start your coding career?



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Om Prakash

Om Prakash


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